Progressive Video Streaming in Flash 8

Alright, i’m confused as to why this little snippet isn’t working. First off, i’ve been reading 'Macromedia Flash Advanced for Windows & Macintosh" by Russell Chun w/ H. Paul Robertson. Good book, easy to follow, clear and concise.

I successfully embedded a small video and looped it. Yet when I tried to progressively download an .flv using the code examples in the book it didn’t work. I beat my head over it for a bit and then simply published the example i was trying to emulate right from the CD-ROM which came with the book. Still didn’t work. Here is a link to a .ZIP archive with all relevant files :

Residing on the web server in the same directory are the .swf, .html, and .flv. When the button is pressed within the flash movie, nothing happens. I can’t say why that is seeing as I haven’t changed any source files.

Help! Please! I can’t embed some of the larger videos I have because server access times would skyrocket. Any idea why this isn’t working?

Thank you for any insight in advance :rambo: