Project: Platformer 'Blobby' Physics

I have recently been toying with the idea of creating the classic flash platformer game but with a new twist.

After countless hours of banging my head against the keyboard, I have not got any closer.

Here’s some quick info on what I’m trying to achieve:

-A blob of green sludge that when comes into contact with the ground, objects and other in game graphics appears to have the physics of sludge.

-Fully movable blob that can jump and slide.

And thats basically it. After my own failed attempt I tried to reconfigure one of the Platformer tutorials on here but so far the blob only seems to roll.

I’ll try and post an image here of what the blob should look like standing still, jump and rolling over bumps.


Alternatively you can either email me or add me to your IM: annoyingfrog (at) hotmail (dot) com