Projector, LoadVars and Proxy servers


I am developing a module that will run on a CD-Rom as a projector. It needs to post small amounts of data to an online URL to facilitate tracking.

Consider this:

var myVars = new LoadVars();
myVars.username = _root.userName; = _root.emailAddress;
myVars.sendAndLoad("", myVars, "POST");
// once vars have been loaded, we will have these variables:
myVars.onLoad = function(success) {
		if (success) {
                         //Load data from online page
			var textIn = myVars.datafromweb;
			if (textIn == 'Success') {
				_root._status = "Communication successfull";
			} else {
				_root._status = "Communication failed:"+textIn+"result:"+this;
		} else {
			_root._status = "Communication failed";

This works fine, unless the user’s computer is behind a corporate proxy server, which is specified in the Internet settings of the browser.

My question…Is it possible to specify a proxyserver (and port number) using Loadvars and SendAndLoad from a Projector EXE?

If not, can anyone suggest another way of achieving this?