how can i make a flash projector remain full screen even if the user presses the escape key on the keyboard?

when the user presses the escape key the projector window shows up.

is there any way to disable the escape key? please help

thanks a lot.


Why do you want to disable the ESC key? Hopefully not for any naughtiness…


im trying to make an interactive cd using flash as my authoring environment. i just want to have the entire movie viewed in full screen all through out so the user would establish focus.

hope you’ll help me with this.


I don’t know if there’s a way to disable the ESC key, because I think it has dominance through windows. Try figuring it out using


And also


You might be able to do it, but my feelings is probably not.
Also, Director MX might have that ability, if you’re willing to research that program. You can import all your flash into there.