Properties Bar

Ok a few minutes ago I was happily attempting to use Mac. Flash MX 04 and as I went to open the Actions menu thing it brings up the infamous illigal operation or somthing and basicly the program has had a stroke and needs to close. I restart the program and then I notice no Properties Bar… I goto ‘Windows’ and click the Properties bar and nothing happens… I try again and again and same result then I try the shortcut (Ctrl+F3) agan nothing. I try to restart the program and it still dosen’t come up so finaly my computer freezes (an internet explorer window froze the computer, unrelated incident I think) so I restart the computer. Upon loging back in and loading up the program I notice that it still won’t come up. My only other option is reinstalling the program unless somone here has any ideas.

Any help in any way shape or form is apriciated.