PS CS question

I just received my copy of PS CS. But I have just found out that most of my Filters I have for 7, I cannot find the disks. My question is any of you guys who have CS… Can I point PS cs to look at my PS 7 filters folder so I may use the filters?

I know I could probably just install and find out. BUt if I cant we are not giong to use it.

can’t you just copy them over into the PSCS filters directory??

thats what i am not sure of. I guess I will have to do the trial and error thing. I use filters like knoll, knockout and a few others that actually have to be installed. Which is the problem. hhmmm i think I will just send ps cs back…doing fine with 7

Have you tried

Edit > Preferences > Plugins & scratch Disks

and pointing to PS 7 plugins folder?

Some plugins probably wont work with CS because of it being a new version and whatnot, but doing that and restarting PS will show you if you get what you need. If not, you’ll have to get the new CS versions from the plugin’s publisher.

ill try that