Ps effects and importing to FlashMX

hi… how is everyone.
I have a riddle that i have been trying to solve for the longest. I have posted on kirupa forum but not of the answers have solved the problem, so this is a problem solver for all the big shots at kirupa, I wanna see what you got. I have created a graphic image in photoshop, and then i have created a round cirlce in overlay mode on top of it. Now when i move it around with the move tool it gives me a really nice effect because this circle is in overlay mode. Now I wanna be able to do this in Flash where I move this cirlce in overlay mode on top of my graphic image and get a special lighting effect. I have tried saving it as png, copy merged and all sorts of things given my kirupa people, but none worked. What solution is there and how do i bring in a layer thats in a certain layer mode and animate it transparently in Flash. Whew