ps2 to pc monitor

Does ne1 know how i can connect my playststion 2 / xbox / gamecube to my pc monitor. Im hopin theres sum kind of cable or sumfin.

ne ‘leads’ will be gr8!

Cheers guys.

Yeah you need a VGA Box
The NEW Logic3 VGA Box allows you to connect any Console or Video product to your PC monitor. Play your games with crystal clarity, and no more arguments about hogging the TV!
Price: £39.95 delivered . that was on

Ive been thinking of getting a vga box for a while havnt got round to it. I think you need to search around to find out which one is best,read some reviews etc, and i think if you have a TFT you might need a special box.
Let me know how you get on as I will be doing the same very shortly.

Some video cards already have those built in.

I hear Pinnacle Studios make a nice stand alone one.