Publish - or not?

I use regularly to look for new innovative stuff to develop from. I recently ran into this:


I like this, wait, I love this. With no response yet from the company who made it and it has been 2 weeks since I emailed them twice, I am turning to everyone here. I don’t know that much about flash, hence why I take already made productions and play with them. I edited all the text in it, all the links, email info. and gen. info and I have made this into what I like. When I publish it it doesn’t get past the very beginning. I can’t figure out where it is getting stuck or if they locked it someway or left out some script.

Any ideas?

P.S. They let you download the .fla and the .swf - the swf is full - once you publish even without editing anything it doesn’t go past the pre-loader.