Publish problem

I have working flash, and everything goes ok when i test it by starting swf file.
However, when i publish it and embed it in html, Firefox wont display movie, and IE says “To help protect your security…”

Any ides what should i try?

Change your browser settings to allow scripts or ActiveX content to run.
In the same menu, enable the option to “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins”

Firefox will probably have a similar method of altering your security settings.

Well, that doesnt solve it. Thats no problem for me, but could be for my visitors.
I have just noticed that this problem has occurred when i added loader script in first frame of the movie.
I’m loading external swf, and checking if its done. Could this be related to it?

Your browser really doesn’t care what script you have in your SWF; that’s the job of the Flash Player to parse any legitimate instructions, reject illegal instructions, and render the final results onto the screen.
The browser **will **care about any script in your HTML file and/or any ActiveX controls depending on the security level to which it’s set.

Have you actually uploaded the file? I suggest that you do so because you’ll probably find that this error message typically occurs when you test content locally. [COLOR=red]*****[/COLOR]

As far as your visitors are concerned, most of them would’ve made a conscious choice (through their browser security settings) whether to allow active content or not - there’s not much you can do about that.

[COLOR=#ff0000]*[/COLOR] Edit: This is the default behaviour for IE7. You can change this in Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab, then scroll to the Security section. Enable “Allow active content to run in files on my computer”, click OK and restart all of your browser sessions.

Yes i did try to upload it.
Im not trying to override any of security settings.
Its just simple flash game, that was working correctly in its previous versions, but suddenly stopped working.

And the only change you’ve made is the actionscript to load an external SWF? In that case, the one thing it might be is that the SWF you’re trying to load resides on a different domain to the SWF you’re loading it into.

Your answer may be found somewhere here:

Problem solved.
I dont know how and why, but its working now.
I just moved preloader and loading script from 1st to 2nd frame, and its working.

Ahhh, okay.

The most likely reason for the code not working on the first frame is because the preloader was trying to unsuccessfully access information about the external SWF - in other words, the AS code in the parent SWF had run before the external file had even begun to load, say with a getBytesLoaded command. By moving it to the second frame, you’ve introduced enough of a pause to allow the parent SWF to know that the external SWF exists so it can begin accessing that external info.

It still doesn’t explain why the IE security message appeared though.

Ok, thanks for explanation, i’ll keep that in mind.

I dont know about IE, maybe its just bug in my code, or bug in Flash itself…

how about this?..