Publishing more than one home page

I’m new to this, but use Kirupa’s book. Excellent. Anyway, I have three different web addresses I want accessed indepentently (see signature below). According to my server host (Goldvision), to have three independent pages I have to name each page index.htm, and download to my server in the proper place. I haven’t found in the book how to download three files under the same name to different files on my server. Anyone else have this problem? Use Goldvision? which is very good, by the way. Thanks in advance.

Hey PaulG,
Are the three domain names referring to a location on the same server? From what I have experienced, you can only place one home page on a site. When a domain name is typed for a server, index.htm (or other variations) on the main folder of a site will display.

There is no way to have the same file “index.htm” stored in the same folder multiple times. You will get an error message about not being able to have files of the same name in the same folder. You can create another folder and place another index.htm file there. Of course, they will need to access your site and then type the name of that folder for that index.htm page to load.

Does Goldivision want you to create a separate folder for the index.htm files? Maybe Goldvision has a method of where when one domain name is entered, the page loads from the folder you created instead of the main folder.

Does that help? Please do respond if you think I may have missed the point of your question completely.

Kirupa :asian: