Pulling Graphics from a Different Scene

Here’s my problem. I have two scenes, one called “Script” and one called “Animation”. On the Animation scene, I have one layer with thirty frames. Each frame is a progressive piece of animation, not converted to symbols or anything, just drawings. \r\rHere’s what I want to do. On the script scene, I have ActionScript pulling a random number from 1-30. For example, let’s say it picks 17. I then want the drawing in Frame 17 of the Animation scene to appear in the current frame of the Script scene. \r\rI’m beginning to understand this is more difficult than I first imagined, so here’s an alternative. I could make a symbol from the drawing in each frame. Then call it Fish01, Fish02, Fish03… Fish30. Then when the random number is chosen, basically have that corresponding symbol appear. And when a new number is chosen, the symbol on the screen will disappear and be replaced by the new symbol.\r\rBut I can’t seem to figure this out at all. Please I hope someone can at least give me a direction to head in. Let me know if this question is not specific enough. Thanks in advance!

Well, I dont see the need for the second scene. If you take all of your frames from your second scene and convert them into an MC, then you could call the fram of the MC. Wouldn’t that be easier? Or perhaps I missed what you’re trying to do.

if you absolutely want to do it the other way… then…\r\rbutton code on scene 1\r\ron(release){\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp mynumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*3+1);\rgotoandStop(“Scene 2”, mynumber);\r}\r

Well here’s the problem… I don’t want to actually go to the other scene, I want to stay on the same scene and just pull the image from there and place it on a new scene.\r\rSo let’s ignore that way… what if I make a movie clip with one scene, one layer, and thirty frames. That movie clip is in my library. \r\rYou said I could “call” the information to just display one frame. Let’s say I have a scene with a picture of a fishbowl. Each frame has a different stage of a fish developing into an adult. I have to pull the picture of the fish from Frame 17 of the movie clip in my library, and put it on my current scene without completely changing scenes. All of this being based on the random number from 1-30, which then becomes the Frame I’m trying to “call”. How would I go about doing that?

okee… let’s try something else even…\r\rthe easiest thing would be for you to have a layer, let’s call it animation (same scene) which contains all your pics (keyframes)\r\rstart with a stop action on frame 1 (of the actions layer).\r\rjust use a bunch of gotoAndStop(mynumber); actions… (like the button code from before).\r\rif you definitely want to use an mc (not sure why you would), then you could use attachMovieClip. Don’t forget that it requires a linkage name exported to the first frame (from the Library). \r\rHope this helps. If not, let me know… and we’ll work it out.\r