Pulling object's name/value pair

Hey guys,
I’m drawing a blank here and need some help.

I have an object, like so:

var ob:Object = {rotationY: 0};

then i’m using that in a tween, but i won’t always be tweening rotationY. I can possible tween rotationX from another object later, so i need to know how to pull the property name and the value of it from the object so i can pass it to TweenLite, like so:

TweenLite.to(clip, .5, {rotationY: 90, ease: Regular.easeIn});

but, like i said earlier, i wont always be tweening rotationY. I want something like this, but i know this doesn’t work, but for the sake of someone understanding what im trying to say:

TweenLite.to(clip, .5, {obPropertyName: obPropertyValue, ease: Regular.easeIn});

Hope that makes sense.