Pulling variables from "parent"

I have a simple situation but can’t figure out why it’s working

I have a MC1 with a comp.as class file
I have a MC2 with a object.as class file
I have a MC3 with a shape

  • MC1 has all variables for the animation (including ‘minduration’ and ‘maxduration’). It creates a number of MC2 children and places them at random positions. Done with array object[] and counter ‘ct’
object[ct] = new classes.dollar.object();
  • every MC2 creates a MC3 child. Done with array obj[] and MC3 linkage name “shape”
 obj[0] = new shape();

So far so good, a bunch of shapes appear in movie when tested.

Now I am trying to make MC2 give itself a variable ‘duration’ made from a random value between ‘minduration’ and ‘maxduration’. It won’t work. Anybody any idea how to extract it? MovieClip(parent) won’t do the trick.