Push /Pull vs Order

Hi all,

so im looking into ordering columns on mobile differently to desktop but have realised the version i downloaded of bootstrap is “outdated” i think…? it doesn’t contain push/pull classes but does contain order-0 -1 -2 -3 etc etc…

after a quick google i found out the new V4 uses order… is this a direct replacement to the push pull?

which should i be using? and how to do i get order to only apply to mobile format…

thank you

If you replace your current bootstrap library with the newer version, does your site still work? If so, using the new mobile functionality might just be as straightforward as following their latest guidance :slight_smile:

Yes BS4 replaced push/pull with order.

Dropped push and pull modifier classes for the new flexbox-powered order classes. For example, instead of .col-8.push-4 and .col-4.pull-8, you’d use .col-8.order-2 and .col-4.order-1.


yep! :slight_smile:

After a bit of light reading i noticed they have the order-lg/md/sm-# classes.

which enables the ordering of columns on mobile etc.

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