Put 2 strings into location after asp loaded

Hey guys,

I have managed to get 2 strings to pass from:

ASP -> FLASH -> 2nd ASP file

But in second file they are no longer in the url like so:


So if i refresh the page the 2 strings disapear… is it possible
once i have the strings in the ASP page to place them automaticly in
the url like this?


I’m a little confuse on your question but I’ll try to help you as much as I can.

I assume you are trying to send variables to a ASP page via flash.

That said,

As an example I do this to send a variable to a ASP page from flash.

var sDate= new Date();
//Add cache remover…
sUrl= “http://myserver/scripts/testpage.asp?x=” + escape(sDate);
loadVariablesNum (sUrl, “0”, “POST”);

If I want to retrieve the date value from the ASP page
I would simple to this: dim mydatevalue=request.QueryString(“x”)

Using your url as an example:
var blah=somevalue;
sUrl=“www.blah.com/hello.asp?name=” + blah + “&id=” + blah
loadVariablesNum (sUrl, “0”, “POST”);

I have 2 values input into the flash file into input text boxes.

Is it possible to set those 2 input boxes to variables and then use the url method you described?

var name=input1;
var id=input2;
sUrl=“www.blah.com/hello.asp?name=” + name + “&id=” + id
loadVariablesNum (sUrl, “0”, “POST”);

Something like this? Or is it wrong?

The 2 input boxes have vars attached to them so the data is passed from ASP–>flash

But i want to get those vars and send them to another page retaining the strings in the URL.

Assuming your already succesfull in passing the two input variables into flash. but make sure. Do a trace on the input values in flash to make sure your bring in the input values, thats the first thing if so do the following…

var name=input1;
var id=input2;
sUrl=“www.blah.com/hello.asp?name=” + name + “&id=” + id
loadVariablesNum (sUrl, “0”, “POST”);

To grab the variables in the hello.asp page just use
the dim x= request.querystring(“name”)
dim y= request.querystring(“id”)

declarations. That should do it.