Putting a puase in...a movie

First, thank everyone who answered my previous questions…I know they may be trivial to most of you, but a noob likes all the help he/she can get…:slight_smile:

Now, I am trying to put a pause into my action…where i want a movie to play, and then hold for 5 secs after a button press, and then play the linked movie…I know its probably something simple i overlooked…something I could stick between the last action in the script and the next action( which would be gotoand play()…)

Thanx in advance…

I am not sure if this could help alot but if your movie is 12fps than you could put 59 clear frames after the frame you want to pause.

i hope it works:-\

Well, Aero, this might work but your scenes will be 5000 frames long if you do that…

It’s better to do it with AS: getTimer() can be useful, setInterval() too. getTimer() returns the elapsed time in ms since the movie started, and setInterval executes a function after a given amount of time (exactly what you want, basically :slight_smile:
By the way, you want to press a button, play a movie, wait for 5 seconds, an then play another movie, is that right?

pom :asian:

Hi there,
I had this same problem not so long ago, and after much searching and help from various forums, I finally found out how to do it.

I wrote a mini tutorial which can be found here


Hope this helps, i think I covered everything that I did.

Good luck


replying to myself but…

I re read your post (ooooops) and see that you want to press a button before the pause starts.

Now, I’m a newbie but maybe you could have some sort of

On Keypress
stoppedTime = getTimer();

stoppedTime = getTimer();
is the tutorial in the previous post.

Or something similar.

This is just a wild guess but makes sense to me