Puzzle Trouble

Hi people, This is my first thread, I’m not sure how this works exactly but here goes. I’m attempting to put together an interactive crossword puzzle in flash mx, but I am having trouble with the inputting of the text. I need the curser to jump to the next square after the previous letter has been typed. Check out this link for a good example http://www.webcrosswords.com . If anyone has any better ideas feel free to enlighten me.

You can do a couple of things to do an online crossword. First thing is… You can have a person click on the actual section and then they can type somewhere else to input it.

If you want someone to be able to just type in like that you’ll prbably need keyboard listeners for all of the letters… :sigh: seems like alot of work for something not so “huge” probably… But if you need anythin else, hollar :beer: