Puzzled about Photo gallery turorial

First of all - this site is the BEST flash site I have come across yet. The tutorials are not only easy to understand (especially for a beginer like me), but they are useful in all types of practical applications. Much props to this site.

That said - I’m having trouble with the photo tutorial. I currently have Flash 5 and have downloaded the flash 5 version of the tutorial plus the images. However, when I preview the movie, no images appear. Yet when I preview it as an HTML only one picture will appear and the navigation doesn’t work. I have tried to make it work but I’m not having any success.

Little help:cyclops:

did u correctly fill out the actionscript part of it…
did u label the movie clip phot that u want to be transformed into the pictures… when u debug it does everythign go ok or do u get any errors?

Hey rynogfx,
This tutorial is coded primarily for Flash MX. Did you download the images from the Flash MX FLA link? The images are not contained within the Flash 5 files :slight_smile:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve downloaded the images, made sure the path was correct, and I don’t get any errors. Now, so far if I change the images to swf files, the image I specify in the code to originally show up upon loading - shows up. However, the navigation doesn’t work. And yes, I have the instance name “photo” for the MC that is being relaced by the incoming images.

What code needs to be changed for it to be compatible with Flash 5?

I appreciate the help - and Kirupa, this site is kick ass and a great resource for beginners and experts alike.