Puzzling... Drop list gets cut off

I’ve created a 50 item (all states) drop list, and limited it to show 10 at a time. However, the top of this list extends beyond the top of the page, making many options inaccessible.

Any ideas how to fix this without shuffling my layout around?

Can you show me what you mean ?

pom 0]

A few steps to follow, but sure.

log in using test / test and choose to edit a job, select one, and go to Location tab. The U.S. list gets cut off.

I appreciate any site feedback. The design is not great, but it’s a very ambitious site (i think) with full real-time database interaction.

Thank You!!
(please don’t mess with the login info for the test acct)

why not just use a drop down instead of up?

how do you specify down instead of up? That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!