Q needs A (Preloader and Transition for Dynamic Files)

Hi all, i read the tutorial:
Preloader and Transition for Dynamic Files

i am asking if it is possible to put any loading component insted of the loading in the tutorial?

i attached a fla file that includes the preloading component.

thanks for your help

How do I dump that Transition swf into my main movie clip. Have it working

but as soon as I put that in my main movie it will not load:(

thanks man

I got it !!

Thanks claudio

welcome :slight_smile:

Claudio, I have downloaded the source fla for this preloader and intergrated it into my movie. Thanks for you help with the precentage loader!

I am using this version to load external movies instead of images, the external movies start with sound animations.
When the percentage loader is loading bytes I can hear the movie load under the transition movie.

Is it possible to hold the external swf until the percentage loaders bytes has fully reached 100%?

— Thanx —