Qeustion about blog

I’m interested in making one, but I wanna do it on my own, fresh with my own design and stuff… anyone knows where to start?


By your own you mean - you want to build the software? Or you just want to edit the design to your tastes?

Our beloved mod Ahmed has a new blogging software coming out soon (soon right ahmed?!) that he wrote 100% himself. It will run on PHP/mySQL and is fast and small. The CSS is 100% customizable so you can make it fit your tastes.

I am his PR man, so if you would like to get a copy, just shoot me an e-mail over at:
mdipi @ mdipi . com

and I will put you on the list!

Right now we dont have a working copy of MB to show you, but a few members run a3, which was his first blog (lostinbeta, UNFLUX, and ahmed himself (http://www.syntheticorange.com)).

I think this is your best bet at the moment.

I used to run MovableType as well, which packed a lot of power, but it was all CGI, and all of your styles really had to maintain what the template described (editing the template wasnt fun IMO).

You’re the PR guy now huh, dipi?
I want an acronym dang it.

If you want to entirely build your own it’s super easy to write one. If you go over to www.xxviii.net/bawks that’s the blog I wrote a few months back with MySQL and PHP and it only took me like a week. It has a really nice CMS as well that I could show you if you’re interested. Basically all you need to do is learn how to make a shoutbox and then just build from there. That’s basically what I did. I went from minimal PHP/MySQL knowledge and ended up having very few difficulties building the full blog.
I recommend taking tutorials at phpfreaks.com and some over at spoono.com and just combining what you need.
Good luck with all that

Yeah i have to agree with Josh, a blog is much like a bigger shoutbox. I built a shoutbox with PHP/mySQL in a few hours. So if you are looking to write your own, it shouldnt take to long.

if you wanna see my shoutbox its at my site (http://www.mdipi.com) its very simple but gets the job done, im sure you could build on in no time flat. But, IMO, why build whats already there?

I’m on top :love:

:wink: just one little hint. if yer ganna make a blog. best bet is to go with the php and mysql.


what :h:

Blogs from Ahmed, 28, Unflux use php/mysql since alot of information can be easily viewed and edited through variables and so forth. It makes it easier to manage content. You can do it with normal html and manually everyday or whenever you plan, and go into dreamweaver and type the new stuff in. But the efficient way is dynamically managing the content. This also allows you to have people post messages everytime you post something. CSS makes the site look alot nicer as well as faster loading content for slow users.

So I guess start learning php/mysql. Its not that difficult but what language isnt? Practice makes perfect, well near perfect anyway.

whooaaa thanks guys…
i think i haven to learn php n mySql… any book you recommend?

dipi, I’ll send you an email

That has a sister book just for mySQL as well. I have only the PHP one but Jubba has recomeded the mySQL one as well.