Querry problem


I have a kind of sticky situation. I created a simple website with php. I have 1 page where i load the text from a database.

I just have to open index.php and place some stuff after it eg. _index.php?page=home.
If i want to open the second page i just link to _index.php?page=contacts.

This is possible because i use only one query, but can i use more than one? For example, if i want to give some more extra information in the url like _index.php?page=home**?EXTRA=EXTRAINFO **and then execute another query, is this working?

$select = $_GET['page'];
$dbserver = "localhost";
$user = "***********"; 
$passwd = "*********";
$dbnaam = "***********";
$query = "SELECT * ";
$query = $query . "    FROM texts";
$query = $query . "    WHERE title = \"$select\";";
$link = mysql_connect($dbserver, $user, $passwd) or die("No connection");
$db = mysql_select_db($dbnaam,$link) or die("No connection"); 

if ($result=mysql_query($query)) { for ($i=0; $i < mysql_num_rows ($result); $i++) { $rij= mysql_fetch_array($result);

mysql_close($link) or die("Can't close");