Query abt fullscreen and SendAndLoad

Hi All,
I have designed 3 fla’s like login, main menu,help.
All swf’s embed in aspx page. All under 1 solution.
I’m having enable full screen option in loginpage. If I select this,
All 2 swf’s also in full screen mode, Unless I uncheck the full screen option.
I wrote the full screen function in login page only, How to pass to another fla’s?
I used SendAndLoad
i.e Lobby_lv.load(PathURL+"?"+fullscreen, “_self”, “POST”);
In PathURL I have mentioned the Lobby page. If the fullscreen option is true means, lobby.fla gets the value and enable the full screen function. But I’m not getting the value in the lobby.fla
How to solve this?
Thanks in Advance