Query re buttons playing sound

[font=Arial]Hi[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]I have posted this question before but since my last post was as long as war and peace I’m not surprised no-one responded. [/font]

[font=Arial]Basically I have eight songs. Each has a separate button. I need the song to start when the button is pressed and stop when the button is pressed again. [/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]I’ve followed the instructions in the flash tutorial re linkage however despite copying the actionscript exactly it turns out there are 5 syntax errors in the script and I don’t know what they are. [/font]

[font=Arial]I also spent most of last night going through the Kenny Bellows tutorials (which makes more sense than the Flash help) but I still can’t get the song to play when the button is pressed.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]I think my problem is that I’m making a basic mistake in either naming or linking the song/buttons. It has to be that as I haven’t got any further forward.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]So the question is where do you put the AS for the song and the button.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]i.e. Actionscript to make sound object[/font]

[font=Arial] firstSound=new Sound();
firstSound.attachSound(“firstSound01”);[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]do I click on the button and add the above to the AS panel (which doesn’t seem likely) or do I add it to the song by clicking on the frame of the timeline where I want the button and song to be useable.[/font]

[font=Arial]And then to make the button play/stop the sound do I click on the button and then add the below in the AS panel.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]

on (press) {if (playing!=true) { _root.firstSound.start(0,999); playing=true;
}[font=Arial]And when the sound is stopped by a button: [/font]
[font=Arial][/font]on (press) {


playing=false; }
[font=Arial]do these pieces of actionscript both go in the same frame as I need the same button to start and stop the sound.[/font][font=Arial] [/font]
[font=Arial] Sorry this is another long post but if anyone can help or has instructions in words of one syllable I’d be really grateful.[/font]