Question about drawing

hello i am very new to flash and i was reading this tutorial on drawing :

and it said put this code into ur first frame i did then i went to test movie and nothing happens. Oh yea and i have Flash 5. how come it doesnt work. it just shows white page.

is your background color white ? change it to black.

well i just changed it to black and still no results

i did file>new
modify>movie and change bg to black
then right click on first frame and click actions
and pasted:
// First I create a clip that will hold
// my line (it could be the _root)
// I define the style of the line
// 1: thickness
// 0x000000: color (white)
// 100: alpha
// I put the pen at (150,200)
// I draw a line to the point (300,200)

The drawing api first appeared in Flash MX, won’t work in Flash 5