Question about Easing with mouse tutorial

Hi (greetings from Bras(z)il),

This is my first post here.
I have learned a great deal here in Kirupa´s pages and I think that the tutorials here are the best!

I have been reading the Easing with mouse Tutorial , and it is great.

And I think to myself, hey what if I make a menu that follows the mouse?

So I tryed to do that, a hidden menu with only the word “menu” following the mouse, and when it touches the mouse the menu pops open.
So far so good, but when you move the mouse to click on a menu option the menu keeps moving to follow the mouse.

How can I make the menu stop when the mouse is over and follow when it is out?


Can you post an example .fla as an attachment so I can see?

Here it is.

This is what I want to look like, I get this far using a lot of things that (I´m sure) wasn´t needed. I have created this tread in search for a easy and less cpu demanding solution.

Take a look at it and you gona see the mess that I´m talking about.

(esxcuse the MCs instances names in portuguese)


It works fine for me, except if you move the mouse real fast over the links and go off the other side.

I will see if I can come up with a solution. I am working on something else right now so I will see what I can do later.

No hurry.

Thanks for your time!

i was thinking stop drag…but that didnt work

No it wouldn´t.

Cause there isn´t any startdrag commands.

Dynamic event handlers are the key… if you’re using Flash MX… Are you?

pom :cowboy:

Yes. I am using:

onClipEvent (load), and onClipEvent (enterFrame).

Here is a updated version, again I have to say that it is working, but I have to create a lot of junk and other objects to get to that point. What I´m sure could be avoided whith a better Action Script.

Take a look at it

You’re code is a bit messy :-\ I can’t find the AS where you tell your menu to appear…

pom :cowboy:

Yeah, it took me a while to find it, I just went through the library because I couldn’t find the clip in the movie clips.

Anywho… I developed one way of doing it since for some reason I couldn’t get the rollOut way to work… probably some stupid mistake that I am overlooking or something.

My other method is by having a close menu buttons. You can check my attachment to see.


Although your version works fine, the close menu button kindaof clash with the look of what I was intended to do. If you download the second verssion that I posted you will see what I mean.

Never the less, I apreciate your help.

Thanks a lot!

And Pom:

No dude, my code isn´t messy. You just have to see it through a (Dumb-Newbie to Advanced-User)Translator that people always tell me that they have to use to understand my scripts, but I don´t know why. Maybe you can tell me.:crazy: :beam: (-:

Ok, well I might try something later, but I have to work on something else now.

BTW… It looks to me like you have a lot of unneccesary movie clips, but I didnt scope that much.

A lot of MCs???:crazy:

You got that right!:slight_smile:

I have to do that mess that Pom was talking about to compesate my poor scripting abilities.

BTW is by the way?