Question about exporting video with actionscript

I’m planning to get Flash CS3, but I want to first know if CS3 can export movies that contain actionscript that actually is creating the animation. I heard this on an alternate forum, but I want to be absolutely sure. How does it work in that version?

My situation:

I have a Flash 8 file that contains ONE frame. In the actionscript, movie clips are added to the stage and moved with interval function code. There is no tweening or conventional frame by frame animation that is occurring. The objects are simply moving because the code is telling it to do so.

So, with that in mind, I cannot find any way possible of capturing this within Flash. I heard that you can in CS3, but I do not know the details. What is very important to me is that I can somehow capture this one frame coded animation for a certain duration of time and have it export in any dimension that I like similar to how File >> Export… >> Export Movie works.