Question about "Falling Snow" tutorial

Hi guys/gals,

I modified the falling snow tutorial (well, modified it into falling empty circles) for a background I needed.

Does anyone know why this background plays on top of all layers (even though I have it on the bottom layer). Is it something in the actionscript code?

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated (and I’ll even take a bid for $ payed directly to you by paypal for your services).

Here’s the tut:

Thanks in advance,


Because the code in the tutorial dynamically creates your clips.

And when that happens they are put on levels higher than any clips on the stage, making them go on top.

So I don’t think you can modify it to become a background thing. That is… unless every movie clip on your stage you use swapDepths() to put them on top… but wow…lol.

I would say to put the level they load at at like -2892364524 (ok, extreme, but ya know…) because I know the clips on the stage you draw there are at a very low negative number and you can go under them by making the clips on levels lower than it, but that screws up your whole snow script.

Babbly babbly babble, yeah… I don’t think you can do it.

Any alternative? I just need some simple motion background to spruce things up a bit.

Take a look:


My client wants something similar to the Windows XP demo:

Those circles with the snow script worked really well (besides the fact that they were over the text).

Any help would be appreciated (and paid for).



Easiest way: Tweens.

Although movement in the background is often distracting and not recommended.