Question about grids

Ok…so I pretty much understand the code for making a grid, thanks to the tutorial of course. What I’m wondering and seeking is a way to duplicate each dot in the grid one after another, rather then all at once. I was wondering if it would possible to also control the speed at which they are created. Anyways if any could help me that would be great. Just so you dont have to look for the code for the grid its:

                                                                             [AS]                                                                                gridx=30;
                                       for (var i=0;i < 10;i++)
                                       __for (var j=0;j < 10;j++)

Thanks alot.


I am working on a grid for a project (it’s made out of 6x6 px dots), and i’ve made one in the same way as you described in this thread, exept for that i use the setInterval() and clearInterval() to control the speed of the duplication of the dots.

It works fine, but I need around 4000 (58 x 70) dots. From the moment on I reach about 2000, flash is having a hard time constructing the rest of the grid.

I’ve seen examples of grids being build up really smooth and fast (there’s an example here (3rd project left column:

Wonder if somebody knows a way to optimise speed and processing power…
So all tips are welcome…