Question about include


I’m trying to move onto a different way of doing actionscripting.

What I want to do is move all my code into a single *.as file
for every movie I produce, so that I can see and edit all the
code from a single place.

Now, the problem is that I’m unsure of the syntax I should use
in the *.as file.

For example, in the original movie, I have movieclips and buttons nested this way :

scene1 > mc1 > button1 > Up/Down/Hit State > mc2

In mc2 I have some code like :

onFrame (1) {
// do things

Now, the question is : how do I rewrite the onFrame(1) event for mc2 inside the *.as file?

Is this something like :

_level0.mc1.button1.mc2.onFrame(1) {
// do things


Thanks for helping!