Question about Instance Names

Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but i just can’t get my mind around it for some reason.

What i’m trying to do is to move all the squares. I’ve got a Square movie clip class in my library. The program should populate an amount of squares, unfortunately the amount can vary, which is why i haven’t just gone with

var square1:Square = new Square();
var square2:Square… etc.

Any help at this point would be much appreciated (>_<)



var thisSquare:Square;
addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveLeft, false, 0, true);

for(var i:uint = 0; i<4; i++)
thisSquare = new Square(); = “square”+i;
thisSquare.x = 0;
thisSquare.y = i *30;

function moveLeft(event:Event):void
//Move all squares??

thisSquare.x += 1; //Only moves the last square.