Question About Looping

How do i make it so i can loop a certain amount of times and after a certain amount of times i stop and make it go to another scene tnkz if you can help i would be very happy tnkz


if you’re talking about looping through the frames in a scene, you would do this.

in the first frame of the scene you place this code.


this initiates the variable loops to be equal to 0. :slight_smile:

in the second to the last frame of the scene, place this code.


What this does is sets a variable which we are calling loops, equal to whatever it just was, plus one.
then it checks to see if loops is equal to 10, and if it is, it tells the timeline to goto the next frame, skiping the last line, which tells the play head to goto a frame labeled “sceneBegin”. This labeled frame, where you’re animation should begin, should be in frame 2 or 3 of the timeline, not frame 1.