Question about prototype

i don’t understand the usage of prototype. any explaination??? … thanks a lot

Not quite sure what you mean, but prototype to me means to produce a mock-up, demo, or rough of the project. eg. instead of detailed graphics, just boxes, and circles to represent where certain key shapes will go, or what they will do.

prototype in flash is cool as all hell.

what it does is it applies some feature to everything of a certain type in flash… that is to say… if you wanted every one of your arrays to have a variable associated with it, you could assign it to the array prototype. Then from that point on, if you made any array’s they would automaticaly have that variable. You can do it with functions too… or just plain code.

If for instance you asigned onClipEvent(enterFrame){_y++;} to the prototype movieClip, then every movie clip would always move down the screen, no matter when they were placed, or where.

I am hardly touching upon the wide amount of uses for the prototype method, but that’s because I’m really just starting to learn about it. I’m sure Suprabeener will be able to add a lot to what I’ve posted. He’s the one that got me looking into it in the first place.

hmm… thank you for your reply but u know? i’m new to actionscript, actually it’s because of u guys in kirupa makes me interested in Flash.
I remember that i’ve ever posted one thread about the method to make the sliding menu (when u move ur mouse left or right, the button’s going to the opposite but when the mouse is at the center, it’s going to stop) That time i saved the fla with no knowledge about script. But,now, I cannot find that thread, anyone can take me to that place please.

I moved at least one thread that discusses that to the “best of Kirupa” forum below.