Question about silk screening and custom tshirt stuff

Just a few questions about silk screening and custom tshirts and clothing. So basically i want to make my own graphics and logos as a vector art or whatever and put them on to a tshirt. I dont like iron on transfers so i want to do silk screening. Though, i dont have the materials, i need to find a place or site that offers that kind of stuff where i can give them my graphics and have them put it on a tshirt the way i want it.

Questsion :

(NOTE: I do not want these clothings in bulk. Because they are only for myself :p)
How much do these things cost? Tshirts, sending them the graphics etc…
Where can i find someone to do this for cheap?
I may have other questiosn but these are basics.

and if that doesnt work…

The alternatives?
What can i do on my own to make?
How much do silk screen presses and supplies cost?
Are there iron on transfers but a lot better quality?

If anyone knows anything about this kind of stuff, some info would be delicious! :rabbit: :love: