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i have create a web based news app there are many categories of news like Tech, Politics , Weather, sports,business etc so i want that on first launch the app ask from the user which category you like(only 1) then next the releated news appear on the app of which category trhe user like

What steps have you already tried? How do you envision the UI showing up? Is it a modal dialog?

i dont know how to do that i just simply created Sports button politics and others but not interested page on first launch please help

help please

Looking at this question and your past questions, it almost seems as if you want us to do the work for you. Unfortunately, that isn’t the primary purpose of these forums.

The best way to get help on the forums is to try to follow these three steps:

  1. State your problem clearly
  2. Ensure your problem is focused on one particular issue. The broader your issue, the less likely anybody will take time to understand the problem and try to help.
  3. Provide the code that you’ve tried and a link to a live example.

The purpose of these forums is to help you become a better developer. It isn’t to do the work for you, for that doesn’t help you learn anything.

Kirupa :running_man:

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