Question. Just bought Studio MX 2004

… and I’m wondering if I should install it on my 500 mhz 96m ram machine. Are these specs enough to ensure the programs’ running decently? Or at all? I know they say you should have at least 600 mhz and 128m ram, but I installed the demos for Flash MX '04 and a few others a while back, and, though I didn’t spend too much time with them, they seemed to run fine. (I also use Illustrator 10 on this comp, which has the same system “requirements,” I believe, and I don’t have any major problems with it.)

I’m planning on buying a new machine sometime within the next year–but very likely not for that entire year. And I know that the software comes with only two install licenses. I don’t want to install the software on this old machine, register it, and then realize it doesn’t run, and then get “Gee, sorry, nothing we can do” from tech support or something when I call and ask if I can get my one install back.

Should it work okay?