Question on background music


I have created a flash file which has a play and stop button to play the background music for a website. I have loaded this .swf file on the main page of the website. I would like the music to continue playing as long as I am in that website and stop only when I move out of there. Instead, as soon as I get to a linked page(within the website), the music stops!

If anyone can help me how to rectify the above problem, I shall greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

BTW, I am using Flash 5

seems to me you’re unloading the swf, which is playing the music. when you click this link, does the new page appear in the same window? because if so, the music will definitely stop. What you can do is setup frames for your site where one frame has an swf that plays the music and has other things (menus, for example). then when you want to load the new webpage, just direct the link to some other frame so the swf doesn’t get disrupted.

Yes, the new page appears in the same window. And the website is quite large, so re-doing the whole thing with frames is not possible. I guess then I’ll have to settle for the music to play just as long as the user is on the main page. But thanks for the suggestion. I will keep it in mind.