Question on pause/play MC


I have imported an FLV (5 min video) with “clear” play bar.

I converted the FLV into a movie clip.

Inside the movie clip i added 12 seperate PNG images that change during the movie (I did it manually with a stop watch…Im sure there is a better way). The images change next to the flv, so two seperate boxes (320X240) side by side with a space in between.

When I hit ctr enter it plays the flv with the images in sync with the video. However once you pause the video is where my problem starts.

Here is where I need help.

Right now when you click on pause the FLV pauses however the images continue through (changing to the appropriate image) the timeline. I need to make it so when the user clicks on pause that the image will pause at that frame, and when the user clicks on play the image picks back up from that frame.

Note: I tried putting on a transparent btn over the default pause button, however, I do not have enough knowledge with action scripts to code approperiately.

Any help or direction to approperiate tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced for your help,