Question Regarding Image Fade?

Hey Fellow Flashers,

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with this problem. Here’s what I’m trying to do. I have two images both of the same thing. However, one is a black and white pencil sketch while the other is color. What I want to happen is the pencil sketch will be the original image, but when the user rolls his mouse over the image the color image fades in from behind. When the user rolls out it fades back to the pencil sketch.

If anyone out there could assist me with this I would be very grateful…

Thanks in advance,


You can stack them on top of each other and have the top one set to alpha 0 then use the hittest to create the rollover that will fade the top image from alpha 0 to alpha 100. =)

Hey Electron,

Thanks for the reply, however I wanted the pencil image on top and then have the color image fade in from behind with a mouse over. Maybe I’m retarded but what is “hittest”? Could you explain this a bit more?

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You can do this, have the pencil image on top with alpha set to 100% then on rollover, have the pencil image fade to alpha 0% so it would appear that the color image is fading in when it is the pencil image that is fading out to reveal the color image.

To better understand how hit test works, take a look at this thread that I posted awhile back, there is a sample there that I made which uses hittest to fade a button, but you can easily apply it to your images. Here is the thread:

Oh and yes I did get your message, but I’m still shopping around for a new host so I’ll let you know once I’ve made up my mind. Thanks for offering. =)