Question regarding importing a movie clip (upuaut8 look)

I used the preloader tutorial by upuaut8.

What i want to do is while preloading, i want a movie clip playing and looping while the preloader is in action.

I have a separate .swf movie clip file.

I’m using flash MX but I thought I’d get a faster response here so I posted in this forum also.

Thanks in advance

import the SWF to your flash movie. make it a movie clip. and then just put the movie clip on the stage with the preloader, and it will loop as long as there is no stop action inside of the movieclip

oops, or you could use loadMovie:

make a blank movie clip and put this code on it.

onClipEvent (load) {
loadMovie (“nameOFmovie” , name of movieclip)

i think that might work

Jubba’s on the money.

The only thing to note that he didn’t is this. If you put the animation in a movie clip on the main timeline, it should start on frame 1 or 2 depending upon where you’re loop sends the play head back to, and then it should continue until the looping frame. That is to say, if frame 3 has the gotoAndPlay(2); action, like in my example, then that animation should have a keyframe on frame 2, and then a regular frame on frame 3. If you leave it just on frame 2 and then have a blank keyframe on frame 3, then the animation will keep restarting on it’s first frame… if it is not interupted, then it will play continuously in a loop, while the preloader does it’s thing.

Make sure it’s pretty small too. If you’re preloading a meg and you have a 200k animation set to play during the preload, a 56k user is going to have to wait a while before he sees anything on the screen. Preloader animations should be between 5 and 10 k maximum for good effect on lower bandwidths.