Question: The best way to go about multiple xml galleries

Hi all,

Hopefully this is a long post with a short answer – I’m just hoping someone can point me in the right or best direction.

I have an AS3 xml image grid type gallery, and at the bottom is a row of menu items (in the html) that when clicked load another html page, and with the new page, a new XML file that updates the images in the gallery with different (colored) images – the colored images are the ‘active’ ones. See link below for reference.

NOW, the client has decided that they would like to have the images update (become ‘active’) on mouseover of the menu items – initially the purpose was different but now they want to save loading time – so I will need to move the menu into the flash file.

Currently, the XML files for each category are basically identical except for the element value of the top image for the ‘active’ items being linked to a color image as opposed to being linked to a gray one for the ‘inactive’ items.

The problem I am having is trying to work out how to do this – or even if it is possible. Period.

I am thinking there are a few possibilitites of how it COULD be done (but don’t know if it’s actually possible).

1. mouseover (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER) reloads the xml file and then reloads the SWF

2. Multiple XML files are loaded into objects at the start and mouseover loads the new object and reloads the SWF

3. I rewrite the existing multiple XML files into one with all images in colour, adding another element with a value of (consumer, industrial, etc) which applies the new value as a variable to change mc instance names and then mouseover can target them with a tween to desaturate the ‘inactive’ ones.

I’m thinking no. 3 is probably the closest to the mark, but I am new to AS3 so I would be very very grateful if someone can suggest the best way to do this as my screen is currently filled with the results of dozens of fruitless searches. Thanks!