how do you do the text effect had for the CONTACT US section?

When you click Contact us in the menu, it loads up “CONTACT US”;“We’re balthaser studios”, how do you do that?

I believe that is a tell target function of which there are tutorials on the tute pages. Good ones too! You would much rather go through Kirupas simple as heck tute on this than get it from me. If Im wrong, someone will soon tell you shortly, but I am sure it is a tell target function-check it out Kirupas tute on it.


@#%$ are you talking about? I’m saying how do they make the text. What does it have to do with TellTarget();?

You mean when the effect when you click “Contact” and all the info drops down? If so, ditto Phil - it looks like a tellTarget function.

please explain more clearly because there is a lot of different text effects on that site…