Would it be possible for someone to show me how to create a flash presentation whereby my screen (whatever dimensions i set) would display 10 different thumbnails (big enough to be ligible) but I would then be able to click on any one of the images and the mp3 tracks of that particular thumbnail (album cover) would then start to play ?

I saw something like this many years ago on a beatles collection but have never been able to get my hands on it.

I’m sure you guys with your wealth of knowledge with flash can whip up or offer me a tutorial that will give me the result i’m looking for.

many thanx in advance,

oops…forgot to mention that the mp3 files would be on a cd.


search the forums for the sound object

i searched as u instructed friend but saw nothing that might help me…please take into account that i am also a “newbie”…:((


ok here’s a short and brief tutorial.

lay out your 10 thumbnails, and convert them to buttons.

import your sound:
file >> import

go to your library and right click on the first mp3. go to linkage:
give it the name sound1 and check the first and last checkboxes.

go to your timeline:
create a new layer for your actions. give frame 1 these actionsL

mySound = new Sound();

your first sound should now play
if you dont want your sound to start automatically then just leave out the last line of code.

give your first thumbnail these actions:


now u must repeat these steps for all buttons. to disable sounds when u click another button give your button these actions:


ok well it’s late and im tired but u should be ok, repost if you have problems

many many thanx friend…
really appreciate the help here.
i will do as u instructed.

is there any way it can be made to play the whole album maybe at random ? or if i choose to click on a different album it will stop the current song and move to the next album because this would be superb if it was possible?

thanx again for the help.