i know i can count on you, i’ll just want to ask a few questions.

1.) code for the words “round 1 fight”
details: i want to make a scene where the player cannot move the moment this phrase has dissapeared from the stage. like in a typical fighting game. a character cannot move when it says “round 1” FIGHT!!! sorry for my english.

2.) code for a energy gauge.
details: i want to make a gauge of energy that fills up whenever a character does an attack move like in SF third strike of CVS.

3.) code for a life bar.
details: in a fighting game, a life bar’s color is green, but the moment you’ve been hit, it will turn yellow and it will turn red when your near death.

  1. proper arrangement of movie clips (movieclip techniques)
    details: i seem to have a problem with movie clips. when i’m about to start, i make a single pair of hands and legs for many characters in the library, but when i started to use them all over again, it asks me whether i will replace a certain MC, i also change its name so does it is unique. but it still asks me to replace, and when i agree, it all messes up.

  2. code for a timer
    details: just a timer code.

  3. code for the energy gauge that decreases whenever you use a special attacks.

additional: i dont use functions in my scripting, i type the actions in the main movie clip, so far my fighting game worls well, the problem is the life bar in only a dynamic Txtbox. and whenever you press the attack and walk animations together, it does weird things. i know all of you are talented. need your help alot. thank you very much:)