Quick Help - Include NetServices/NetDebug problem

This doesn’t seem to work… I installed the remoting components off the macromedia site. I placed the remotingclasses and remotingdebugclasses in the library of the movieclip, and they are set to export for actionscript.

What gives?

The code:

#include "NetServices.as"
#include "NetDebug.as"

The errors:

**Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=actions, frame=1:Line 1: Error opening include file NetServices.as: File not found.
     #include "NetServices.as"

**Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=actions, frame=1:Line 2: Error opening include file NetDebug.as: File not found.
     #include "NetDebug.as"

I notice others seem to have this problem… And tried this too, no go! Hmm… :frowning:

import mx.remoting.NetServices;
import mx.remoting.debug.NetDebug;