Quick HELP

Hi guys,
this is a simple question in the forum’s option. :nerd:
i want to put a SWF in my thread buddy like others, i put the movie on my host and put it in Signature field.

:slight_smile: [color=red] HERE there is nothing to lose and a lot to WIN[/color] :slight_smile:

of course i put the link between , but i didn’t know to see the code.

i don’t know why it doesn’t work?
anyone can HELP :slight_smile:

Put it between the URL /URL tag.

Cheers. pom :smirk:

you again… ok :slight_smile:
Pom i did what you said but it’s not work :frowning:
it’s make it like hyber link…

what is the Prob. ?

i think the prob. in my Hosting… i don’t know!!!:frowning:

Oups sorry, I was mistaken. As a matter of fact, there’s a lonk on the main page of the forum: “Learn how to add a Flash footer”. You have to put it like that:

[swf="http://yoursite.com/yourmovie.swf height=200 width=50"][/swf]

pom :elderly:


Pom Pom Pom …
it’s working now Pom thanx…
i think i’ll thank you until i died :slight_smile:

sounds a bit extreme doesn’t it! :slight_smile: