Quick! I desperately need help right now

My computer mid term is due tomorrow. What it is… a logo. We have only been using flash for a month so it’s a very noobish thing…

The problem is… I didn’t finish it. I was doing it in school but decided I would take it home on friday… because I was going to go to my uncle’s house over the weekend… he has flash.

However, that did not happen. As his computer as his computer died the day before I was to go… and has to be repaired. Owned much? Yes I am screwed.

If anyone can help I will be thankful. I already have the project near completion… I just needed to make things smoother and put the objects in place. It is simple as well…

A ladder with a man on it. The ladder itself however, is in the shape of an M. Also the ladder has shoes on it. Then there is a cut supposed to be made in the middle of the ladder that says “Steps Through”

Thats it… oh, and then theres a useum right next to the giant M.

I will send the flash file to anyone who can help… it shouldn’t really take long. If anyone think they can help me please let me know and we can talk here or AIM, whatever. I do know this is my fault, but I really do not want to do poorly here. Thanks to anyone who would be willing to help… I’ll send you the files, and it shouldn’t take long at all… I imagine you people can do it in about 10 minutes haha. I need it done in the next few hours.

Once again, MAJOR thanks to anyone who can do this.