Quick Logo Design Job

I have a logo that is partially setup, but it needs to be fixed up. It’s created in Adobe Illustrator, but you could easily re-create it in Photoshop, if you find that program to be more comfortable. This is for a friend’s business which I am doing pro-bono, and this is one part of the work that I’ve promised him.

It will be used on labels to be placed onto the products that the company will be selling. You’re welcome to add this to your resume and/or logo portfolio. Let me know if you are interested.

I would not be able to compensate on this job. It is a small one, so if you are willing to do it for free, please e-mail me [email protected]. If you perform well on this job, however, I can promise you will be considered on future jobs that I need to hire freelancers for, which will be well paid.

Hey, I emailed you.