Quick question about basics

Firstly, I’m not entirely sure if this is the right area to post this, so if it isn’t, I apologize.

I’m making a portfolio for an application to college. My original plan was to just do basic html with rollovers and an iframe, but I decided I would go for the gold and reteach myself the Flash basics. I’ve got the time line, tweening, buttons, etc. down. Now my question is this: Can anyone please direct me to a tutorial website for text effects, layout suggestions, and all of that good stuff? I found an awesome film grain tutorial on this website that I will use for sure. Thanks!

What I am looking for in text effects is along the lines of the menu texts sort of twitching or fuzzing out eerily while unused, something similar when moused over and used, and then it opening up text and whatnot into a window in the layout. I need to figure out how to make an interesting text window, too. Would I just use a form window?

I’ve got my layout already. I did it in photoshop. Now I just need to add the effects and information. I would greatly appreciate all the help you can offer. Thank you in advance!

To see my hokey throw up of the general idea, you can take a gander at http://webpages.charter.net/reynoljg/bloodsplat/

I’m doing a few themes. This is just the first.